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Only the rich can afford to buy cheap!


When does it make sense to buy quality instead of cheap? With the current economic climate, we’re forced to find new ways of saving money and become bargain hunters because hey, there’s always someone who’ll do it cheaper… but at what cost? Being frugal doesn’t just mean saving money and buying cheap – it means […]

Trade Show Do’s & Don’ts

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With any marketing a business needs to make sure there is a Return on Investment, otherwise there is no point in doing it. One of the massive parts of our business at ExpandaBrand is of course Trade Shows and we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of the experience for […]

Why is branding so important?

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Never underestimate the importance of branding for your business… Currently we are going through a whole rebranding of ExpandaBrand and we thought we should share our insight into why we find branding so important. Many people perceive it to be the pretty things like the logo and colors, but it is much more than that. […]

Not all banners are created equal…


Quality has been and always will be key for us at ExpandaBrand. We take Research and Development seriously – merging the elements of value, ease of use, durability and aesthetics into the high quality products 87 of the world’s top 100 brands have trusted over the years. Aristotle said. “Quality is not an act, it […]

Social Media – Not Just a Place for Selfies…


Just like you, your brand has a personality and now more than ever, social media has become an integral part of your brand’s identity. Not only does it drive awareness but it’s a great way to build trust and loyalty through engagement. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to this… Every brand is different and so is […]

Is It Time to Rebrand?


Your brand is so much more than just a logo and color palette. It’s the core identity of your business: a collection of the values, ideals, characteristics and personality of your brand reduced to a single set of recognizable standards. Rebranding isn’t a strategy you should pursue just because it “seems like a good idea” […]

Emotional Connections Build Strong Brands


Think of a brand … a brand that you relate to and feel connected to. (No, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the “name brand” that is ‘so hot right now’! Think of a brand that you can relate to on a personal level.)   Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that […]

The Impact of Color on Brand Identity


When you think about some of the biggest brands in the world – Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc, they’re immediately recognisable without having to see the brand. That’s because their colour(s) and logo are deeply imbedded into our subconscious. Whether it’s the combination of the distinct red on a can of Coca-Cola and that unmistakable white […]

The perfect match … to a tee!


Social upliftment is very important to ExpandaBrand and supporting worthy organizations that align with our company ethos is equally significant. We are very proud to be a partner of The First Tee, an international youth development organization that introduces the game of golf to young people from less advantaged communities. We currently work with 53 […]

More Than Just an Outdoor Sporting Event


When planning a sporting event there are a few things that come to mind… atmosphere, spectators, athletes, energy, and a feeling of being a part of something way bigger than just you. Am I right? This is a perfect opportunity to expose your brand in a functional, engaging and fun way. So first things first… […]

Everyone Loves Inflatable Signage

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Let’s do a test…Try driving for one day and not see some kind of signage for a business or event. It’s everywhere right? Business’ are using signage as a form of branding all over and on a day-to-day basis we see an overwhelming amount of options that we have to choose from. From flags and […]

A Quality Partnership

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Behind the scenes of any business a lot seems to go on that outsiders don’t know the full reasoning for or why a company made certain decisions. But there is always an underlying influence or reason for it. It is the same as, when I see a couple walking together and I always wonder why […]

Priceless Perks that Promote Productivity!


Outsiders may wonder how ExpandaBrand has continued to grow from strength to strength over the years. Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start With Why’ aptly hit the nail on the head when he said: “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”. When I first started working at ExpandaBrand, one of the […]

The Countdown to 2016 Ends This Week!

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Did you know we have less than THREE DAYS left ‘til 2016? We know, we know. That probably sounds a bit extreme. However, let’s face it, when you eliminate the weeks which surround Christmas and New Year’s, we are already down to less than TWO weeks. Then, just like we have always done in years […]

Are Your Signs REALLY Communicating the Right Message?

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Perception is reality. Nobody knows this more than the hardworking folks in the marketing, event and trade show industries. Nothing can be quite as frustrating as sinking blood, sweat and tears into upholding the integrity of a brand…only to learn that your well-crafted message was massacred by substandard delivery. It goes without saying that each […]

A business without a sign is a sign of no business…


Why is marketing often viewed as a grudge purchase? It may simply be because it lacks that feeling of instant gratification. When you buy a product for example, someone hands you something and you feel justified in spending your money. Yet many view marketing as something you throw money at and simply hope for a […]

Interbrand’s Annual List of the 100 Best Global Brands Released

Interbrand has released their 16th annual Best Global Brands report which calls to the forefront the top 100 most valuable global brands based on their Best Global Brands methodology — the first brand valuation method to become ISO certified. Prior to being ranked, brands are first evaluated based on a combination of the following attributes: […]

Color and Marketing – The Impact Of Color On Brand Identity


When you think about some of the biggest brands in the world (Coca-Cola, McDonalds, UPS, etc.), you don’t have to see the brand, its color and logo are ingrained in your head.  The distinct red on a can of Coca-Cola with that distinct cursive lettering, the brown shield with yellow letters on the side of […]

Why is branding important?


In this day and age, as a consumer, we are inundated with choices when selecting a product or service and often find it hard to make a decision. It is for this exact reason that branding is of such importance. Quite simply, choices are the only way consumers actually know you exist. So it’s become more […]

How Does Your Tradeshow Booth Compare?


I exhibited at a show a few months ago and was shocked at some of the setups people had for their booths.  Magnetic booth structures, wrinkled back-walls, and signs taped to tables instead of using a branded table cloth.  After taking 30 minutes to set up, I got to wander the floor and watch the […]

You Have Six Seconds to Capture Someone’s Attention at an Event


You have SIX seconds to capture someone’s attention at an event. If you don’t look interesting, your potential customer’s brain (and line-of-sight) will move onto your neighbor…or possibly even your competition. How do I know it’s only six seconds? Well, last week, I gave an athletic club six minutes and they still failed to get […]

Patton’s Meat Market Adds Visual Impact to their Presence at Local Events & Festivals


Since opening it’s doors in 1986, Patton’s Meat Market has made quite a name for itself throughout Atlanta, Georgia. Much of the buzz generated around Patton’s came from word-of-mouth…literally. By grilling and serving up their own meats, seafood and sauces on-site at local festivals, they were easily able to win even more loyal customers. However, […]

Experiential Marketing? Huh?


We have learned that there are 35,000+ Google searches monthly asking, “what is experiential marketing?”  It’s hard to believe that such a fast-growing and popular marketing tool is still so widely misunderstood.  Experiential marketing is an important concept for all marketing professionals to understand. We define experiential marketing as “the act of connecting consumers with […]

EAB on AtlantaBusinessX


ExpandaBrand Inc. featured on Alpharetta Business Radio Chris Dekle of Alpharetta Business Radio (a show featured on Business RadioX in Atlanta) recently invited our President & CEO, Adrian Queenan, to their studios to discuss ExpandaBrand’s products and unique business philosophy.Click here to have a listen and tell us what you think! (For the full show and […]